Enlightened Baby

New parents are often overwhelmed by product advertisements. Most of those products are unnecessary. Too many are cheap, plastic and disposable. It is frustrating to purchase something, spend time assembling it, only to have it break within a few weeks of play. That is why I choose quality over quantity. I’d rather have a few sturdy wooden toys, than a plethora of plastic ones.

Enlightened Baby is based in Austin TX. It is family-owned and operated. Their mission is to consider not only the utility of their products but also their environmental footprint. They aim to give parents simple, natural options that won’t require replacement. Products that stimulate learning, that are made with love, and that offer peace of mind new parents desperately need. No worrying over toxins. No stress about tiny pieces breaking off or little teeth scrapping paint. It is obvious that everything on their shelves has been chosen with care and consideration. Though the price tags might be higher, the value of products is obvious. Enlightened Baby offers toys and essentials that will last.

Why it matters: Worker Benefits

Enlightened Baby allows their associates the option to bring baby to work with them. It is easy for a small family-run baby store to offer this benefit. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible for larger stores to do the same. There are many reasons why Enlightened Baby is worthy of your dollar. From the conscientiously curated collection of goods, to the fact that it is owned and operated by a mom. Re-envisioning how employees, especially new moms, are treated, is why it matters. It is an innovative, forward-thinking way to elevate the work environment. Rather than asking a parent to leave their young baby at home, Enlightened Baby encourages new parents to bring their infant to work. The future of work is changing. Putting families first is something every business owner should consider just as Enlightened Baby has done.

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